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Terms & Conditions

​1. Class Policy

1.1 Late Arrival Policy

Student/Parent/Guardian is responsible of informing the office if student will be running late for a class. Teachers will be obliged to wait for a max. of 30 minutes from the class start time. If no contact has been made, the class will be treated as a late cancellation and the class will be forfeited. Classes will still finish at the scheduled time despite late arrivals.


1.2 Reschedule or Class Cancellations by Student

The office must receive notification of any rescheduling or cancellation of classes, either by Phone/SMS/WhatsApp to +65 9021 2488, or via email at before 6pm the day prior to the affected class to prevent the forfeit of the class. Any notification outside the above stated window period will result in the forfeit of your class. Boutique Education has the rights to cancel the lesson if the scheduled student is not present for the lesson.


1.3 Make Up Classes

All make up classes will be arranged based on the availability of teachers.


1.4 Public Holidays

Boutique Education will be closed during all Singapore Public Holidays. Lessons that fall under the Public Holiday will be cancelled. Make up classes on Fridays based on the availability of teachers will be given priority to the students affected.


1.5 Class Cancellations by Boutique Education
The affected class will not be charged and will be credited to the following month’s session count if applicable.


2. Membership Policy

2.1 Membership Cancellation

A 30 days’ notice of intent to cancel by the member shall be given in writing to Boutique Education. The member needs to fill in a Cancellation Form provided by the office. Subject to the foregoing notice requirement, the Member may cancel at any time and for any reason. Such a notice of cancellation from the Member shall also automatically terminate the Member’s obligation to any entity to whom Boutique Education has subrogated or assigned the Member’s contract.

There is a cancellation fee of $250 should you wish to withdraw from the classes with immediate effect.


2.2 Membership Suspension

A member has the option to freeze (suspend) their membership for a period of 14 consecutive days (including weekends and gazetted public holidays). Members can only suspend their account as described above up to 3 times per calendar year. A notification of freeze to the office must be made at least 14 working days before the start date of the freeze. In the event that you must re-suspend your membership, one EFT must process before a secondary suspension is granted. Upon the school processing the request, your membership will be in a suspension status.

While your membership is suspended, you will be charged an additional freeze fee of $45 per suspension period on your EFT date. Do note that if the membership is shared, the freeze fee will be applied per child. Once your membership reaches the unsuspend date you will continue to bill at your regular membership rate. You may not retroactively suspend your membership. In the event you wish to cancel your membership, you must abide by the 30 days cancellation policy. Freeze Fee will be waived during school closure from 16th December to 15th January of the following year.


2.3 Transferability

This membership is not negotiable, transferable, refundable or cancellable expect as otherwise provided herein. 


3. Payment

Payments should be made on time to ensure regular class timings for the student. The stated Credit/Debit card will be a recurring charge on the 1st of the following month’s sessions and due in 3 working days. Payment of fees must be completed in advance prior to the commencement of classes in the new month. Teachers have absolutely no involvement with billing or payments. Therefore, any inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to the office with the contact details provided above. Payments will only be accepted by Credit Card (via PayPal), details of which can be found on your invoice. Any change of Credit/Debit Card details should be notified to the office as soon as possible to avoid delayed charges. Refunds for paid membership will not be made without any reasons provided by the Member that is deemed valid by Boutique Education. If payment is not received by the due date, a late payment charge of $120 will be applied to the account.


A Sentosa Surcharge of $10 per day/class will be applicable for sessions conducted within Sentosa. This surcharge is designed to cover additional logistical and operational costs associated with providing our services on Sentosa Island.

Prices stated are exclusive of GST. GST is charged at the prevailing rate based on the time of supply rules. Prices exclusive of GST at 8% with effect from 1 January 2023 and 9% with effect from 1 January 2024. GST rate is subject to change based on national regulations. 


4.  Social Media Policy

To highlight the interactive nature of our classes and events, we intend to publish pictures of these activities on the company’s website and social media. We would, therefore, be grateful if you could let us know if you object to either you or your child’s image being shown and we will strive to adhere to your wishes, within our means.


​5. Others

5.1 Severability

If any part of this contract shall be held invalid, that part shall be deemed excluded from this contract and the remainder of the contract shall remain in full force and effect.


5.2 Third Party Rights
A person who is not a party to this Agreement has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap 538 of Singapore) to enforce, rely on or refer to any term of this Agreement, but this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from the said Act.


5.3 Entire Agreement

Boutique Education may from time to time prescribe rules and regulations or codes of conduct which Members must observe, which will be made available to Members on the Boutique Education's website. Such rules and regulations and codes of conduct as may be amended or supplemented by Boutique Education from time to time are hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference. Subject to the foregoing, the Member and Boutique Education acknowledge that this Agreement constitutes their entire agreement and cannot be amended except in written form executed by both parties.

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