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Whether your child is in pre-school, primary school, high school, or has special educational needs, Boutique Education can help. We provide mentorship and academic support for specific educational goals, including entrance exams, everyday studies and academic acceleration.


We believe that every child is unique and should be taught in a way that reflects this. Our highly qualified teachers create an environment that suits your child's interests, learning needs and academic goals.


Founded in 2010 by Emma Beckford and Adam Crook, Boutique Education has established itself as one of Singapore's leading tuition companies.


“When students develop a love of learning and witness their own potential, magic happens. Their receptivity to learning expands, concepts that were once hard for them become easy, they feel confident in their abilities and finally get the results they have always dreamed of."

Emma Beckford, Managing Director, 

Boutique Education



We believe that education is a tool that brings out

the innate gifts, talents, and abilities within everyone.
In all that we do, we aim to instil a love of learning through positive and interactive teaching. We build

a strong relationship with every student and provide

a tailored and enriching educational experience,

which produces excellent results.


Everyone has their own unique learning journey. To support your child’s potential, we identify their strengths and areas of growth, along with their grade level and school curriculum progress. We also ascertain their preferred learning mode - visual, auditory or kinaesthetic - to craft a tailor-made home or online tuition program. Additionally, we can communicate and collaborate with their schoolteachers,

if required.


Our team of skilled educators are hand-picked from all over the world for their experience, qualifications and passion. We are incredibly proud of the calibre of our teachers who hold Bachelors and Masters’ degrees in education, linguistics and other subjects, Post Graduate Certificates in Education (PGCE) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

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