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At the heart of Boutique Education is a team of dedicated and passionate educators, committed to instilling a love of learning and providing the best possible learning experience for you and your children. Our educators have a broad range of qualifications and experience, from diplomas in education to post graduate degrees in specific fields. They are carefully matched to students based on their needs, the qualifications and experience of the educator and availability. You can rest assured that the educator that you receive is well experienced, trained, and committed to ensuring that you or your child attain your learning goals.


Shahrul looks after our teachers and our families, ensuring that classes are scheduled well and that everyone is happy. He has a background in business and accountancy, as well as customer service management. Shahrul has taught English and Math up to IGCSE as well while teaching English as a Second Language at Canadian International School.

What he loves most about working at Boutique Education is making a difference to the lives of students, be it children or adults. He loves to see students progressing and achieving the results that they have always dreamed of.


Emma established Boutique Education in 2010 along with Adam, inspired to bring high quality education to families in Singapore. Having been a student of Bancroft's School in England, she genuinely loved school and realised very early on the importance of education. Later, having worked as a language teacher, she noticed a growing demand for professional and tailored education that saw students truly succeed. Boutique Education has since evolved to provide a wide range of services over the years but one thing remains the same – Emma’s vision to instil a love of learning while achieving educational goals. Of the many things that Emma loves about working in Boutique Education, the one she cherishes most is the relationship built with students, being able to see them flourish, love learning and become more confident, not only academically but in life. 


Sandy is Boutique Education’s Senior Educator. Alongside her teaching responsibilities, she plays an important role in developing the team of educators. From ensuring that lessons are running smoothly to offering guidance and professional development to the teaching staff, the Senior Educator provides an invaluable support system. The experience and long service to Boutique Education ensure our value of ‘instilling a love of learning’ is upheld.


Adam co-founded Boutique Education with Emma in 2010. His passion for education started early as a student of Chigwell School in England. He has a unique combination of experience in financial services, having worked for asset managers in various countries, and extensive teaching experience as a UK TEFL qualified teacher. Adam oversees the operations of Boutique Education and is well versed in the industry as well. He has seen many families come through Singapore since the start of Boutique Education, and loves seeing the transformation in a child that initially struggles to deal with the natural challenges of being in a new country, and then arrives at a place where they begin to thrive in their new school, their educational journey and life as a whole.   

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