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How much does a tuition class cost?

It depends on the membership package that you choose. When you join the Boutique Education family your payments are run a through monthly membership system. This gives you flexibility, special privileges and ease of payment. Your membership can be placed on hold for periods of time while keeping your tuition time slot. If you need to reschedule a class, you have the option of a make-up day subject to availability, and you get access to discounts on camps and courses. Contact us to discuss the best membership for you or obtain more information.

Bronze Membership: 4 classes / month

Silver Membership: 8 classes / month

Gold Membership: 12 classes / month

What if I need to cancel a tuition class?

Let us know before 6pm of the night before the class and we will happily reschedule their class for you. Due to operational costs, cancellations that occur later than 6pm of the night before their class will need to charged in full.

Can I have multiple children in the same tuition class?

Yes, if the children are at a similar level, age, and have similar educational requirements. We offer one to one tuition and tuition in small groups also. Have a look through our Tuition page to learn more.


How long does a tuition class go for?

Classes can go for 1 or 1.5 hour depending on the needs of the student.

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