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Tracking Your Child's Progress

tracking your child's progress

Tracking your child's progress – it is no secret that families can be engaged more deeply when educators prioritise communication with them. Parental involvement has shown to improve students’ education: improved grades and test scores, better social skills, improved attendance, participation and decreased behavioural problems. 

Teacher-parent communication will always require a joint effort. Here are some of our best practices, here at Boutique Education. 

Monthly Reports: 

All our teachers provide monthly reports for our students’ parents. This way, they are kept up to date about what is being taught as well as the objectives for the next month.

Additionally, we also provide a progress report of how the child has fared during that particular month and whether any desired goals have been met. This has worked really well for the company in terms of fostering a healthier two way communication with many of our clients.

Furthermore, it has helped to keep parents engaged – allowing them to be part of their child’s learning journey. As a result of our robust and consistent reporting, we’ve had many students show improvement in various areas of their academics. Consequently, families have also reported becoming closer with their children because they know how to better support their educational needs. 

Empowering Students To Explain Their Work: 

Our teachers have made a great practice of allowing their students to explain what they’ve excelled in or learnt particularly well to their parents.

This helps with two things:

1. It reinforces what the student has just learnt.

2. Parents get to be informed of what’s being taught and how well their child has understood the topic in question. 

Giving Parents a Nudge: 

In many cases, parents can help their children stay on track by being sent simple text reminders. An 18%  increase in student attendance and a 39% drop in course failures was found when Columbia University sent weekly text updates to middle and high school parents about their children's grades, absences, and missed assignments.

To keep families up-to-date on assignment deadlines and bolster communication, the app ‘Remind’ is highly recommended.

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