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Space – What Are the (Out of This World) Learning Opportunities for Kids?

Kids today are witnessing a space revolution, with the Perseverance Rover recently landing on Mars and companies planning Lunar and Martian bases in the near future. Space provides a galaxy of learning opportunities across many subject areas that can be really beneficial for your child. But how?

Sparking imagination and igniting curiosity, it’s all about the unknown and the “What if’s?”. Learning about the solar system supports creative thinking, challenges theories and encourages fascinating questions. It's exciting, engaging, and enthralling and is a great way to help your child think for themselves.

As a former NASA scientist, I love sharing my passion for this intriguing and super cool topic. It’s (literally) out there and not something many of us can relate to on a daily basis. Being a complex subject, and with humans being naturally curious, we want to unravel the mysteries of our universe. To do this, we need all subjects and skills, not just physics or rocket science like everyone assumes.

Learning about space is very inclusive, welcoming talents and skillsets of all kinds as we piece together the puzzle of how the universe works. For example, if your child loves money talk, they can understand the costs of intergalactic travel. If your child wants to be a future doctor, they can appreciate how astronauts survive. As for art, where would we be without the talented artists that help us visualise space by bringing theories to life? (Google Search “Milky Way Galaxy” and be amazed by what NASA artists have created from scientists’ descriptions). Like the universe itself, there is no limit to the learning opportunities with this topic.

However, despite being a fascinating topic, there has been a recent decline in people deciding to join STEM fields primarily because they can be intimidating, even boring to some. Ask any student if they enjoyed Chemistry, and chances are, they'll likely respond with a big NO. Who can blame them? But STEM is not just Chemistry or maths; it's so much more.

Students often don’t get to learn about and experience the exciting paths within STEM due to rigid curriculums in schools to ensure that students gain foundational and fundamental knowledge. This is why workshops and camps are a fantastic way to allow students to learn and engage in fascinating topics they wouldn’t usually get exposed to all while having a stellar time with their peers!

At Boutique Education, we’ve thought outside the box and also the world, to create a tailor-made Space Cadet Training Program for 5-7 and 8-10-year-olds this summer. We will train like astronauts, embark on a voyage through the Milky Way galaxy, learn about Earth and its uniqueness, dream about the stars and see if life can be found on other planets. Did someone say aliens?!

We have planned a variety of engaging activities that surely will grasp the attention of any kid. From launching rockets to making marshmallows constellations and running in lunar races! Let your child join us as a fellow space cadet, on this exciting journey of a lifetime!

To find out more about our Space Camp or our other Into the Wild and Mindfulness camps, or to book a place for your child, please click here.

Please note, all camps will adhere to the COVID-19 measures at that time. Our activities are crafted to work perfectly with groups of 5. We will practice social distancing and limit any possible contamination by wiping down all surfaces and materials. Our astronauts need to be in good health with big smiles (under their masks), and we will make sure that is the case throughout their exciting journey!


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