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How to Help Your Child Write Awesome Essays!

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your child succeed in school. One of the most important things you can do is help them with their essay writing skills, which will help them across subjects that require long written and more descriptive answers. At Boutique Education, we tutor children of all ages and know what's needed to write an awesome essay.

For essay writing, your child will require some effective techniques. According to essay writers and English teachers alike, essay writing is a special kind of writing that requires more than just simple language skills - it also needs the writer's personal touch, imagination and interest in what they write about.

An essay is a particular form of writing because it requires the writer to support their case with evidence and provide an opposing view about their argument. There is no right or wrong answer, so it becomes more than just putting down your ideas on paper – it becomes a dialogue with your reader. With it requiring a lot of thought and effort, your child needs to have some effective essay writing strategies at their disposal.

Here are some tips:

Take notes

Essay writing is not just about putting their thoughts on paper; it's also about using the correct language, style and tone. The best writers are those who can write interestingly enough to keep the reader's attention. This means finding examples that support their argument without sounding too repetitive or boring. One of the ways to do this is by taking notes along the way and using those as prompts. This will also help your child organise their essay into one that's not just about evidence but has a sense of flow as well.

Do some research

One of the best ways to write an essay is for your child to take some time before they start writing to do some research. This could be around their essay prompts, other people's views on the topic or even reading up on recent literary news that will help support their point of view.

Read between the lines

Essay-writing is not just about reciting topics and providing evidence to support their argument. All the best writers know that they also need an opinion about what they write about. This is where your child should take time to read between the lines of their topic. What does this mean? Well, it isn't just about understanding what's happening around them; it also means understanding why people think about things in different ways.

Include a personal touch

It takes more than just putting their thoughts on paper – it's also about looking at the essay topic from a different perspective and who is asking them to write about the issue. The article or story needs to have a personal touch by looking at the subject from different angles. This will help them think about what makes their essay unique to get more attention from the reader.

Being creative is one of the best ways to ensure that your child's essay gets noticed. After all, essay-writing is about expressing what they have to say in a way that's interesting and effective enough for the reader to take notice.

Having effective writing skills will help your child across all their subjects that require long written and explanatory answers, so don't underestimate the importance of this skill! If you think your child needs more help with their essay writing and English skills more generally, then contact us at Boutique Education. Whether you're looking for a tutor who can come into your home or one who teaches online, we have some fantastic tutors who can help.

If you want to find out more about how our tuition services can help your child with their academic success, please contact us at to find out more.

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