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How Do Good English Skills Improve Grades in Other Subjects?

We all know that English is an essential subject for your child to do well in at school. However, many of us don't realise quite how far-reaching its benefits are. English can support and improve grades in other subjects, and Stanford researchers have even identified that good English skills can actually help students' achievements in maths!

If we look at it, every school subject involves English proficiency in some way or other, whether reading, writing, comprehension, critical assessment, or presentation skills. More generally, they also help in aspects such as note-taking. Having clear, well-written notes helps save time and any potential misunderstanding when it comes to revision.

Maths may be all about numbers, but it does involve reading and understanding word problems to do well. Critical reading skills and comprehension helps to understand word problems and identify the essential information required to complete the calculations. Also, there are instances where students are asked to explain their answers. Having good English capabilities gives them the confidence and ability to clearly read for useful information and direction, and effectively demonstrate how they solved a problem.

History is a subject that involves more reading and writing assignments than most others. Good essay technique covers all aspects of essay-writing, from the research phase to the final proofread. Therefore, reading, understanding, and digesting information and then articulating and writing persuasive argument-based content is essential. This also translates across subjects like Geography.

Science is not just about experiments and investigations; it also demands effective English skills. Biology, Physics and Chemistry can all involve dense reading material or complicated lab directions. Being able to follow written instructions is essential for not just the accuracy of results but also safety. Also, having a broad vocabulary helps with more academic words like hypothesis, evolution and diffusion. There will also be occasions where students are expected to design their own experiments, so they need to be confident in writing clear instructions, observations, results and conclusions.

Good English skills are beneficial for every child across all their school subjects. Therefore, ensuring your child is proficient in English is also a good way to improve their performance and grades in other subjects!

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